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At Brown University.
Spring 2024, CS1380: Distributed Computing Systems
Spring 2023, CS1380: Distributed Computing Systems
Fall 2023, CS2952-R: Systems Transforming Systems
All semesters, Weekly Systems Seminar (sysread)
Earlier courses, mini-courses, and serminars.
(Legend: "h/" == "hosted by:", "w/" == "co-organized with:".)
Intro to Distribution-
Oblivious Programming
Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (h/ Dr. Ngo)
University of Buenos Aires, Argentina (h/ Dr. Figueira, Dr. Rodriguez)
National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico (h/ Dr. Panayotaros)
(University of Pennsylvania)
2018, CIS 700, Distributed Systems Seminar (w/ Haoxian Chen, Tian Yang)
2017, CIS 700, Distributed Systems Seminar (w/ Max Demoulin, Saeed Abedi)
2016, CIS 700, Distributed Systems Seminar (w/ Max Demoulin, Saeed Abedi)
2014, Advanced Operating Systems Reading Group (w/ Ben Karel)
Teaching Assistance
(University of Pennsylvania)
2015, CIS 551, Computer and Network Security
2014, CIS 555, Internet and Web Systems
2013, CIS 700, Programming and Problem Solving

Community & Service

ACM EuroSec, 2024 (PC co-Chair)
ACM CCS, 2023 (PC co-Chair)
HotOS Panel on The Future of the Unix Shell, 2021
Program Committee Service
IEEE S&P, 2024
ACM EdgeSys, 2022
ACM PLDI, 2021
IEEE S&P (Posters & External), 2021
FCS, 2020
EuroSec, 2020
Department Service
Brown faculty search: 2023, 2024
Brown Ph.D. admissions: 2023, 2024
CSAIL Postdoc & Graduate Student Council (CPGSC), MIT, 2020
Organizing Committee, Communities-of-Research: Vertical AI, MIT, 2020
Dissertation Committee Member
Georgios Christou, Ph.D. dissertation, TU Crete, 2023
Dimitris Deyannis, Ph.D. dissertation, TU Crete, 2023
Grigoris Ntousakis, M.Eng. Thesis, TU Crete, 2020
Broader Mentoring & Outreach
Mentoring Circles, Association for Women In Science (MA)
MIT Graduate Application Assistance Program (GAAP)
ACM SIGPLAN Long-term Mentorship Program (SIGPLAN-M)
EU Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA), Advising on Supply-Chain Threats, 2021


I am deeply interested in all forms of creative expression, and particularly any visual, auditory, and interactive art.

My main contribution in this space was as a founding member of a music duo, Ailo. We released {downtempo, chill-out, ambient, downbeat, lounge} music under several record labels — in Germany, Italy, the UK, Israel, the Netherlands, and Hungary. More than a decade later, you can still find it on Breatport, Spotify, iTunes, Last.fm, Amazon, Google Music, and your favorite vinyl shop. Surprisingly, the process of releasing music under the label of record company is very similar to the process of peer-reviewed conference publication in computer science.

Other interests include art film, sports, photography, history, travelling, teaching, and natural languages.