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As part of outreach efforts, I have organized courses on distribution-oblivious programming.
(Legend: "h/" == "hosted by:", "w/" == "co-organized with:".)
Course Developer/Instructor
Intro to Distribution-
Oblivious Programming
Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (h/ Dr. Ngo)
University of Buenos Aires, Argentina (h/ Dr. Figueira, Dr. Rodriguez)
National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico (h/ Dr. Panayotaros)
Seminar Organizer/Co-Organizer
(University of Pennsylvania)
2018, CIS 700, Distributed Systems Seminar (w/ Haoxian Chen, Tian Yang)
2017, CIS 700, Distributed Systems Seminar (w/ Max Demoulin, Saeed Abedi)
2016, CIS 700, Distributed Systems Seminar (w/ Max Demoulin, Saeed Abedi)
2014, Advanced Operating Systems Reading Group (w/ Ben Karel)
Teaching Assistant
(University of Pennsylvania)
2015, CIS 551, Computer and Network Security
2014, CIS 555, Internet and Web Systems
2013, CIS 700, Programming and Problem Solving

Invited Talks

Security in a World of Software
Supply-Chain Vulnerabilities
Georgia Institute of Technology, Apr. 2022
University of Maryland, Apr. 2022
UC Irvine, Mar. 2022
Brown University, Mar. 2022
UC Santa Cruz, Mar. 2022
NC State University, Mar. 2022
Supply-Chain Attacks:
Challenges and Opportunities
Dagstuhl Seminar 21481 on Secure Compilation, Nov. 2021
Light-Touch Shell-Script
Parallelization with PaSh
MIT CSAIL, MA, Feb. 2022
Brown University, Feb. 2022
Boeing MIT Review, Aug. 2020
Library-Oriented Dynamic Analysis
University of Oxford, UK, Aug. 2020
ESPS, UC Louvain, Belgium, Feb. 2019
Retrofitting Security,
Module by Module
IMDEA, Spain, May 2021
Northwestern, IL, Aug. 2020
ETH Zurich, Switzerland, Nov. 2019
FORTH ICS, Greece, Nov. 2019
University of Crete, Greece, Nov. 2019
INRIA Paris, France, Jul. 2019
USC/ISI, CA, May 2019
UC Riverside, CA, May 2019
UC Santa Cruz, CA, May 2019
MIT CSAIL, MA, March 2019
Retrofitting Security into
Applications with Many
Third-party Modules
TU Darmstadt, Germany, Jun. 2018
Athens U. of Econ. and Business, Greece, Jul. 2018
Symantec Research Labs, CA, Feb. 2018
npm Inc., CA, Feb. 2018
Knuth, McIlroy, & You Go to a Party
FORTH CS Institute, Greece, May 2016

Community & Service

Program Committee Member
EdgeSys, 2022
ACM PLDI, 2021
IEEE S&P (Posters & External), 2021
FCS, 2020
EuroSec, 2020
HotOS Panel on The Future of the Unix Shell, 2021
Department Service
CSAIL Postdoc & Graduate Student Council (CPGSC), MIT, 2020
Organizing Committee, Communities-of-Research: Vertical AI, MIT, 2020
Dissertation Committee Member
Grigoris Ntousakis, M.Eng. Thesis, TU Crete, 2020
Broader Mentoring & Outreach
Mentoring Circles, Association for Women In Science (MA)
MIT Graduate Application Assistance Program (GAAP)
ACM SIGPLAN Long-term Mentorship Program (SIGPLAN-M)
Other Service
EU Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA), Advising on Supply-Chain Threats, 2021


I enjoy collaborating and mentoring immensely—including finding passionate people, working with them, growing together, and achieving common goals. I have been very lucky to work with incredibly gifted students.
(Order: reverse chronological. Legend: "→" == "next position", "→R" == "next position where I provided recommendation letter".)
Ph.D. students
Konstantinos Kallas (UPenn)
Shivam Handa (MIT)
Jiasi Shen (MIT)
Angeliki Aktypi (Oxford)
Max Demoulin (UPenn)
M.Sc. students
& post-B.Sc. engineers
Veit Heller (SIGPLAN-M)
Achilles Benetopoulos (NTUA →R Ph.D., UCSC)
Dimitris Karnikis (FORTH ICS →R Aarno Labs)
B.Sc. students
Tammam Mustafa (MIT → M.Eng., MIT)
Alizee Schoen (MIT → M.Eng., MIT)
Grigoris Ntousakis (TU Crete → M.Sc., TU Crete)
Lazar Cvetković (U. Belgrade →R Ph.D., ETH)
Pranjal Goel (UPenn → Goldman Sachs)
Yash Palkhiwala (UPenn → Goldman Sachs)
High-school students
Jan Bielak (Staszic school, Warsaw, Poland)
Arjun Dixit (Harker school, San Jose, California)


I am deeply interested in all forms of creative expression, and particularly any visual, auditory, and interactive art.

My main contribution in this space was as a founding member of a music duo, Ailo. We released {downtempo, chill-out, ambient, downbeat, lounge} music under several record labels — in Germany, Italy, the UK, Israel, the Netherlands, and Hungary. More than a decade later, you can still find it on Breatport, Spotify, iTunes, Last.fm, Amazon, Google Music, and your favorite vinyl shop. Surprisingly, the process of releasing music under the label of record company is very similar to the process of peer-reviewed conference publication in computer science.

Other interests include art film, sports, photography, history, travelling, teaching, and natural languages.